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Past events

Date Speaker Event Title Categories
05/09/23 Eleana Kim Making Peace With Nature: Ecological Encounters Along the Korean DMZ Co-sponsored
04/26/23 Adom Getachew and Jennifer Pitts Democracy and Empire in Du Bois’s International Thought Co-sponsored
02/27/23 Linda Zerilli Toward a Freedom-Centered Feminist Historiography Theorizing the Present
10/12/22 Julian Go Policing Empires: Race, Colonialism, and Militarized Power in the US and Britain Theorizing the Present
03/24/22 Michelle Zancarini-Fournel Presentation of her recent publication on the politics of knowledge in France Co-sponsored
03/21/22 Jean-Claude Zancarini An Intellectual Biography of Machiavelli Co-sponsored
03/30/22 Ghassan Hage Lenticular Ontologies Theorizing the Present
04/22/21 Khiara M. Bridges Imagining an Ethnography of Pregnant Class-Privileged People of Color: Race, Class, Gender, and Prenatal Care Co-sponsored
10/27/05 David Harvey Cosmopolitanism and the Geographies of Freedom Theorizing the Present
10/26/05 David Harvey A Brief History of Neoliberalism
11/17/05 Brian Massumi Going Kinetic: Moving Beyond Biopower Theorizing the Present
11/21/05 William H. Sewell, Jr. Logics of History: Social Theory and Social Transformation
01/11/06 Albie Sachs Social Issues, Moral Dimensions: A Perspective from the New South Africa
01/19/06 Susan Willis To Err on the Side of Life
01/31/06 William Kentridge Journey to the Moon: South African artist, talking about his project “Seven Fragments for Georges Melies” Co-sponsored
03/03/06 George Steinmetz Return to Empire: Debating the New U.S. Imperialism Theorizing the Present
04/14/06 John Abromeit Critical Theory and the Persistence of Backlash Politics
05/10/06 Etienne Balibar Uprisings in the French Banlieues: Race? Nation? Or Class? Co-sponsored
10/06/06 William E. Connolly The Contingency of Capitalism Theorizing the Present
10/17/06 James Scott State Space and Non-State Space Southeast Asia Theorizing the Present
10/31/06 Kojin Karatani Toward World Republic: Beyond Capital-Nation-State Co-sponsored
11/02/06 Manu Goswami Histories of the Future: Internationalism in Colonial India Theorizing the Present
11/06/06 Tony Hopkins Capitalism, Nationalism, and the New American Empire Co-sponsored
11/16/06 Giovanni Arrighi The Political Sociology of World Income Inequality Theorizing the Present
11/07/06 Tony Hopkins Rethinking Decolonization in an Age of Globalization Co-sponsored
01/12/07 Dipesh Chakrabarty Towards a History of the National Archives in India, 1919-1940
02/17/07 Claudio Lomnitz Historicity of the Latin American Left
04/20/07 Robert Brenner Why Iraq? The Politics of Bush II Theorizing the Present
05/17/07 Ann Laura Stoler Unseasonable Thoughts on Imperial Dispositions: Beyond Learned Ignorance and Bad Faith Theorizing the Present
10/25/07 Neil Brenner Epistemologies of Comparison in the Study of Globalized Urbanization Theorizing the Present
01/29/08 Helgard Kramer The Epistemological Fate of the Authoritarian Character Theory of the Frankfurt Institute for Social Research Co-sponsored
02/28/08 Michael Warner Sex and Secularity Theorizing the Present
04/24/08 Elizabeth Povinelli Recognition, Camoflague, Espionage: Maneuvers of Power in Late Liberalism Theorizing the Present
05/15/08 Danilyn Rutherford The Enchantments of Secular Belief Theorizing the Present
10/01/08 Naomi Klein Friedman and Freedom? Debating a Controversial Legacy Co-sponsored
11/13/08 Leela Gandhi After Virtue: Some Notes on Early 20th-Century Socialist Anti-materialism Theorizing the Present
03/09/09 Detlev Claussen Biography and History: On the Difficulties of Dealing with Adorno Biographically Co-sponsored
10/15/09 Etienne Balibar Secularism and Cosmopolitanism
02/11/10 Claudio Lomnitz Racialization and the Closing of the Mexican Mind
02/24/11 Jurgen Kocka Capitalism as a Problem of History
02/25/11 Jurgen Kocka History and the Social Sciences Today
08/18/11 Allaith Hajjo Day’a Daay’a: A Forgotten VIllage
10/31/11 Franz Mauelshagen From Vegetarian to Ogre: Climate and Historians in the Anthropocene Climate Change
03/09/12 Sverker Sörlin Why Didn’t Global Warming Come Earlier?: Lessons from North Atlantic Field Science and the Early Cold War Climate Change
03/16/12 Dale Jamieson Reason in a Dark Time: Ethics and Politics in a Greenhouse World Climate Change
04/05/12 Mary Weismantel What Do the Great Stones of Chavin Want? Object Cultures Project
10/22/12 Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin The Making of Global Capitalism: The Political Economy of American Empire
10/29/12 Osama Esber Writers and the Arab Uprisings, Controversial Approaches Generational Change
01/09/13 Wendy Brown The Protean Morphology of Homo Oeconomicus
04/09/13 Mohammad Al Attar and Razan Rashidi Syria: An Oppressed Generation’s Revolution? Generational Change
04/11/13 Gavin Lucas The Obscure Object of Archaeology Object Cultures Project
05/12/12 Fabien Locher The Great Climate Controversy: A Political History of Climate Knowledge, 18th-19th Century France Climate Change
05/03/13 Angela Davis Feminism and Abolition: Theories and Practices for the 21st Century Co-sponsored
02/11/05 Geoff Eley Pessimism of the Intellect, Utopianism of the Will: On Nostalgia for the Future Co-sponsored
04/29/05 James Ferguson and Achille Mbembe Lecture and Workshop Co-sponsored
04/27/05 Fredric Jameson History, Narrative, and the Dialectic Theorizing the Present
05/09/13 Alexei Yurchak Where Did Lenin Go?: Critical Theory and the Unexpected Soviet Collapse Worlding, Writing
02/21/13 James Currie On Sonic Gravity Worlding, Writing
02/07/13 Eric Hayot Academic Writing, I Love You. Really, I Do. Worlding, Writing
11/29/12 Lee Edelman Occupy Wall Street: Bartleby and the (In)Humanities Worlding, Writing
11/20/12 Sianne Ngai Literary Gimmicks Worlding, Writing
11/01/12 Melissa Gregg On Criticality and Care Worlding, Writing
10/30/12 Ghassan Hage Outside Domestication Worlding, Writing
10/16/12 Michael Hardt The Right to the Common Worlding, Writing
10/02/13 Dipesh Chakrabarty The Anthropocene?: Some Rifts in Contemporary Thinking on Climate Change Climate Change
02/04/14 Mel Chen Material Alliance Worlding, Writing
02/18/14 Zach Blas On Informatic Opacity and Queerness Worlding, Writing
02/25/14 Nina Wakeford You Must Listen to This Before Continuing Worlding, Writing
02/27/14 Khaled Abdul Wahed Less than Three Minutes Generational Change
03/06/14 Tavia Nyong'o Losing the Plot: Queer Digressions on the New Ontology Worlding, Writing
04/11/14 Jennifer Roberts Scale, Matter, and Meaning: Sizing up Maps Object Cultures Project
05/02/14 Ewa Domanska Ecology and Posthumanities: The Return of Animism Climate Change
05/08/14 Sverker Sörlin Climate and the Humanities: The Shallow and the Deep, Long-Range Environmental Turn in the Human Sciences Climate Change
05/16/14 Jesse Ribot Risk and Emancipation: Causes of Climate Vulnerability in the Anthropocene Climate Change
09/26/14 Lisa Wedeen Neoliberal Autocracy and its Undoing in Syria: 2000 to the Present Neoliberalism + Empire
10/03/14 Aziz Rana Making American Constitutional Consensus Neoliberalism + Empire
10/21/14 Judith Farquhar Institution and the Wild Theorizing the Present
10/23/14 Heather Love Norms, Deviance, and the Queer Ordinary Worlding, Writing
11/03/14 Lauren Berlant Living in Ellipsis: On Biopolitics and the Attachment to Life Co-sponsored
11/06/14 Patchen Markell Hannah Arendt and the Laboring Body Theorizing the Present
11/14/14 Noura Erakat Operation Protective Edge: Gaza in Context Neoliberalism + Empire
01/09/15 Joseph P. Masco Boundless Informant: Digital Surveillance in the Post-Privacy Era Theorizing the Present
02/19/15 Glenda Carpio On Kara Walker’s “A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby” Worlding, Writing
11/18/14 Nancy Fraser Legitimation Crisis?: On the Political Contradictions of Financialized Capitalism History, Social Theory, and Capitalism
03/16/15 Shaka McGlotten Black Data Worlding, Writing
03/11/15 John Collins Defending the Milieu in Global Palestine Co-sponsored
04/01/15 Winnie Wong The Global Supply Chain of Readymade Dreams Theorizing the Present
09/26/16 Noam Chomsky On Power and Ideology Co-sponsored
10/15/15 Linda Zerilli A Democratic Theory of Judgment Theorizing the Present
10/26/15 Robert Meister Is Justice an Option? Politics after Evil Theorizing the Present
10/30/15 Harry Harootunian Marx after Marx Co-sponsored
01/21/16 Leo Panitch The European Crisis and the Radical Left’s Strategic Dilemmas Theorizing the Present
02/17/16 Susan Gal What is the Matter with Hungary? Theorizing the Present
01/18/18 Michael Hardt Where Have All the Leaders Gone? Theorizing the Present
11/04/16 Ann Cvetkovich Writing as Archival Practive: A Lecture/Writing, Theory/Practice Hybrid Workshop Worlding, Writing
11/04/16 Kareem Rabie Bubble Talk in Ramallah Theorizing the Present
11/10/16 Timothy Melley Conspiracy Narrative and the Epistemology of Security Society Conspiracy/Theory
11/28/16 Aaron Schuster The Debt Drive: Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Neoliberalism Theorizing the Present
01/19/17 Robert Somol and Orit Halpern DeSigning Praxis: Design as Pedagogy Object Cultures Project
02/03/17 Andrew Sartori Global Intellectual History and the History of Capital: Toward a Social History of Concepts Critical Historical Studies
02/03/18 Terrell Carver Marx & Engels’s “German Ideology” Update: Fabrications, Receptions, Questions Theorizing the Present
04/10/18 Aaron Schuster Beyond Satire: What Lubitsch, Genet, and Claudel Can Tell Us About Ideology Today Theorizing the Present
04/09/18 Alexander Galloway and Ivan Ascher The Digital and the Analog Worlding, Writing
05/23/18 Elettra Stimilli The Debt of the Living Theorizing the Present
02/26/20 Andreas Eckert Where Have All the Workers Gone? Labor and the Social Question in Postcolonial Africa Theorizing the Present
02/12/20 Jonathan M. Metzl Dying of Whiteness Conspiracy/Theory
02/03/20 Roxanne L. Euben What’s in a Word?: Humiliation and Power in Islamic Thought Theorizing the Present
11/08/18 Elliott Colla Does Poetry Incite? Lessons from Egyptian Movement Poetry New Global Authoritarianisms
10/18/18 Robert Meister Historical Justice in the Age of Finance Theorizing the Present
01/24/19 Demetra Kasimis The Play of Conspiracy in Plato’s Republic Conspiracy/Theory
05/16/19 Anne Norton Occupying the Ruins of Empire Theorizing the Present
02/24/17 Rosalind C. Morris In the Shadow of De-Industrialization Conspiracy/Theory
05/11/17 Adom Getachew The Limits of Sovereignty as Responsibility Theorizing the Present
04/13/17 Lisa Davis The President’s Body and Other Missing Matters: “Conspiracy Culture” in Cyprus Conspiracy/Theory
04/19/17 Sandro Mezzadra Excavating Contemporary Capitalism: Toward a Critique of Extraction Writ Large Theorizing the Present
12/01/08 Jane Taylor Reform-Perform: A Long View of Conversion, Torture, and Truth Aesthetics and Politics
12/01/08 David Bunn Mercantilism and Melodrama: Tableaus of Trade in the Colonial Eastern Cape Aesthetics and Politics
02/20/09 Cathy Cohen and Adolph Reed Long Time Coming? Obama and the Politics of Identity Identity and Politics
04/16/09 Faisal Devji and Paul Apostolidis Fundamentalisms and the Politics of Identity Identity and Politics
02/18/10 James Elkins Modernism: Global Failure Aesthetics and Politics
03/07/19 Beza Merid Trauma and the Aesthetics of Life: Illness Narratives as Health Activism: Telling Stories about Precarity to Save the ACA Worlding, Writing
04/10/14 Timothy Mitchell Carbon Fuel and the Corporate Future Generational Change
04/28/14 Cathy Cohen Race and Political Equality in the Digital Age Generational Change
05/15/14 Juan Cole Networked Youth Movements and Neoliberalism Generational Change
05/23/14 Ann McGrath Jumping the Holocene: Lady Mungo, Her Afterlife, and a Place of Deep Time in Human History Climate Change
05/30/14 Iain McCalman Discovering the Life and Death of Coral: Charlie Veron, an Antipodean Darwin Climate Change
04/13/15 Engseng Ho Dubai and Singapore: Asian Diasporics, Global Logistics, Company Rule Neoliberalism + Empire
11/19/19 Guido Niccolò Barbi Technocracy and Political Judgment Theorizing the Present
10/01/19 Joshka Wessels Documenting Syria Co-sponsored
10/08/19 Michaele L. Ferguson The Bandita Will Break Your Heart (A Love Letter to Iris Marion Young) Co-sponsored
10/14/19 Rebecca Wanzo I Still Have to Protest This Shit?!: The Handmaid’s Tale and Competing Rights Temporalities Worlding, Writing
10/24/19 Joan Donovan What Is Media Manipulation? Conspiracy/Theory
11/07/19 Max Weiss Aesthetic Ideology and Cultural Revolution in Baʽthist Syria Co-sponsored
10/21/20 Joan Donovan The True Costs of Misinformation: Producing Moral and Technical Order in a Time of Pandemonium Conspiracy/Theory
10/07/16 Max Weiss The Slow Witness: Syrian War Literature in Real Time Neoliberalism + Empire
02/10/20 Kim TallBear Settler Love Is Breaking My Heart Worlding, Writing
05/08/17 Alejandra Azuero and Francesco Marullo DeSigning Praxis: Design as Political Economy Object Cultures Project
Collaborative Projects