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Critical Historical Studies (journal)

Critical Historical Studies is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to historical reflections on politics, culture, economy, and social life.

Edited by William H. Sewell, Jr. (3CT), Jonathan Levy (History, 3CT), Andrew Sartori (New York University), and Judit Bodnár (Central European University), CHS features research on the implications of socio-economic transformations for cultural, political, and social change.

In the broad tradition of Critical Theory, CHS explores the complex connections between cultural form and socio-economic context and promotes a reflexive awareness of the researcher’s own position in the history of global capitalist society.

Critical Historical Studies publishes monographic research articles, theoretical articles, review essays, and critical reflections on current cultural, political, and scholarly issues. The journal aims to foster interdisciplinary exchange among scholars across the entire range of the social sciences and humanities, and publishes work on all historical eras and regions of the world.

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Cover of Critical Historical Studies featuring a detail of two parallel ropes

Critical Historical Studies Spring 2021

Chicago Studies in Practices of Meaning (book series)

In collaboration with the University of Chicago Press, 3CT produces an interdisciplinary book series, Chicago Studies in Practices of Meaning.

The series has distinctive theoretical goals, as signaled by its title. Following the so-called “cultural turn,” the study of culture became a major preoccupation of nearly all disciplines in the social sciences – with the major exception of economics – and has given rise to the fledgling discipline, or quasi-discipline, of cultural studies. We adopt a rigorous interdisciplinary theoretical perspective, designated by our use of the terms “practice” and “meaning” rather than “culture,” as the latter has been used so promiscuously over the past two decades in both academic and popular discourse as to proliferate a host of unacknowledged ambiguities.

Our editors, who come from four different fields of social science—Anthropology (William Mazzarella and Kaushik Sunder Rajan), Sociology (Andreas Glaeser), History (William H. Sewell Jr.), and Political Science (Lisa Wedeen)—are interested in the widest possible range of practices of meaning – in ritual, political theory, work, urban design, religion, shopping, social movements, music, economic exchange, science, leisure, kinship – which is to say, any arena or aspect of human life in which meanings are made. 3CT solicits distinguished scholarly manuscripts that share our methodological and epistemological commitments to innovation in interpretive social science, to probing interdisciplinary contact, and to work combining rigorous theoretical reflection with empirically rich accounts of local experience.

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Stack of books in the Chicago Studies in Practices of Meaning series

Books in the Chicago Studies in Practices of Meaning series

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