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Our general programming is open to all students, and fellows regularly engage with both undergraduate and graduate students through collaboration and pedagogy. We teach courses related to the intellectual mission of the center, including an annual 3CT College capstone course in critical theory. Fellows also organize teach-ins on emergent social issues. Additionally, 3CT supports and encourages student-led initiatives.


Quarter Course Instructor Level
Fall 2021 The Assemblage Mode Bill Brown graduate
Fall 2021 Contemporary Ethnographies of the Middle East Lisa Wedeen undergraduate/graduate
Fall 2021 On Violence Lisa Wedeen graduate
Fall 2021 Reconstructing Democracy: Tocqueville and Du Bois Adom Getachew undergraduate/graduate
Fall 2021 Climate Change, History, and Social Theory Neil Brenner and Fredrik Albritton Jonsson graduate
Winter 2022 Paris: Social Sciences—Critical Theory Kaushik Sunder Rajan and Lisa Wedeen undergraduate
Winter 2022 Feminists Read the Greeks Demetra Kasimis undergraduate/graduate
Winter 2022 Death and Being Shannon Lee Dawdy graduate
Spring 2022 Topics in Critical Theory: Magical Politics William Mazzarella undergraduate
Spring 2022 Interpretive Methods in the Social Sciences Lisa Wedeen graduate
Spring 2022 Colloquium: Subaltern Studies—Issues and Historiography Dipesh Chakrabarty graduate
Spring 2022 Approaches to the History of Political Thought Jennifer Pitts graduate
Spring 2022 Law and Empire Jennifer Pitts undergraduate/graduate
Spring 2022 Archaeology of the Contemporary Shannon Lee Dawdy graduate
Quarter Course Instructor Level
Fall 2016 Experimental Grad Seminar on Conspiracy/Theory Joseph P. Masco graduate
Spring 2017 Trump 101 William Mazzarella and Kaushik Sunder Rajan undergraduate
Spring 2019 Topics in Critical Theory: Populism and its Discontents William Mazzarella undergraduate
Winter 2020 Topics in Critical Theory: Repurposing “Ideology” for the Present Lisa Wedeen undergraduate
Fall 2020 Topics in Critical Theory: Constitutionalism and Rights Kaushik Sunder Rajan undergraduate
Spring 2021 Anthropology of the Future Shannon Lee Dawdy undergraduate

Student Programming


3CT offers opportunities for students to take the lead in initiating and organizing programming for the center, from conferences to small group discussions.

One such series, Future Café, is an experimental forum that encourages undergraduates to collectively imagine utopian possibilities and multi-generational futures. Students select topics and lead conversations about subjects such as climate change, post-capitalism, transportation, urbanism, and the future of intimacy.

View all upcoming and past student-led events on our Events page


3CT has a long history of hosting teach-ins, both originated by the center and co-sponsored with campus partners. These discussion-based events are aimed at students of all levels and areas of study, and offer opportunities to critically reflect on events impacting contemporary life. Topics have included free speech, elections in India, and the Syrian refugee crisis.

View all upcoming and past teach-ins on our Events page


3CT regularly offers our space to CAS workshops, interdisciplinary platforms that bring together graduate students and faculty for ongoing and collaborative exchange of ideas around particular areas of interest. From 2004 to 2018, 3CT hosted the Social Theory workshop, whose faculty sponsors were former 3CT co-director Moishe Postone and fellow William H. Sewell Jr. Other workshops with a connection to 3CT have included Historical Capitalisms, Comparative Politics, and African Studies.