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Colloquium: The Emergence of Capitalism

Instructor(s): Jonathan Levy, William H. Sewell Jr.
Fall 2023
16th century illustration (“Everyman” by Pieter van der Heyden, after Pieter Bruegel) with purple duotone filter. A bearded man searches through barrels and sacks of goods. Text that reads: “Colloquium: The Emergence of Capitalism. Jonathan Levy and William H. Sewell Jr. HIST/CCCT/PLSC/SCTH 67002. Fall 2023.”

This colloquium investigates the emergence of capitalism in the world as a whole between the early sixteenth and the late eighteenth centuries. We discuss the political and cultural, as well as the economic, sources of capitalism and explore Marxist, neoclassical, and cultural approaches.

HIST 67002 | CCCT 67002 | PLSC 67002 | SCTH 67002