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Clifford Ando

West Virginia Chicago Is Happening to You: The Fight for the Modern University

Friday, November 3, 2023, 12:30–1:50pm

NEW LOCATION: Social Science Research Building 122

Join us for the first event presented as part of 3CT’s new collaborative project, The Corporate University. Clifford Ando will discuss his paper “West Virginia Chicago Is Happening to You: The Fight for the Modern University,” and 3CT fellow Jonathan Levy will respond.

Ando’s paper (precirculated here) seeks to provoke a conversation about the current condition of the University of Chicago. In particular, it uses public financial data to lay bare the risks to which university leadership exposed the community in a rush of leveraged investments over the last 15+ years. Other data (regarding salaries, research expenditures, and building maintenance) are adduced to demonstrate that the benefits of this investment were not symmetrically distributed across the university. At the same time, the measures taken to address earlier liquidity crises have negatively and disproportionately affected, and continue to affect, core functions of the central divisions of the university. The paper advances an interpretation of these long-term choices and urges that faculty must fight to ensure that the next years restore a more balanced, more equitable, and more historic sense of mission.

Clifford Ando is the Chair of the Department of Classics and the David B. and Clara E. Stern Distinguished Service Professor of Classics, History, and the College. Ando is also a faculty member of Renaissance Studies and of the Institute on the Formation of Knowledge. Clifford Ando’s research focuses on the histories of religion, law and government in the ancient world. Ando is the author of the following books: Imperial Ideology and Provincial Loyalty in the Roman Empire (University of California Press, 2000); The Matter of the Gods (University of California Press, 2008); Law, Language, and Empire in the Roman Tradition (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011); Imperial Rome: The Critical Century (A.D. 193–284) (Edinburgh University Press, 2012), and Roman Social Imaginaries: Language and Thought in the Context of Empire (University of Toronto Press, 2015). He is also general editor of Roman Statutes: Renewing Roman Law, a collaborative project that will produce a new edition, translation and commentary on all epigraphically-preserved Roman laws.

This event is free and open to the public, and registration is recommended. Please email us at  if you require any accommodations to enable your full participation.