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The Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory—known as 3CT—is a space for the critical discussion and reimagination of social, political, and cultural processes in the world today.

The shared query that drives the center is: how do we theorize the present? 3CT supports work that interrogates systems of power and value, that proposes methods and frameworks for making sense of recent events and ongoing transformations, and that demands that theory be relevant to the world we live in. In doing so, we foster an interdisciplinary community of scholars, students, and practitioners who produce new forms of theory that help to illuminate both what is and what could be.

Founded in 2004 by seven faculty members from the Divisions of the Humanities and the Social Sciences, our collective has grown to include 16 fellows, enabling imaginative collaborations across the disciplines. Our intellectual activities include ongoing projects, lectures, teach-ins, book salons, conferences, publications, and teaching.
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exterior of Foster Hall

exterior of Foster Hall

Location and Contact

Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory
at the University of Chicago

773 834 8733

Foster Hall, Rooms 105-108
1130 E 59th St, Chicago, IL 60637

Mailing address:
1126 E 59th St, Room 001, Chicago, IL 60637