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Postcolonial and Decolonial History and Theory

Instructor(s): Rochona Majumdar and Lisa Wedeen
Winter 2023

This course introduces students to some key texts in post and decolonial theory. Our goals in this class are three-fold. First, to familiarize students with foundational thinkers who have inspired both decolonial and postcolonial work. We draw attention to the different ways in which their ideas have been deployed in subsequent post and decolonial scholarship. Second, we ask questions oriented towards comparison of postcolonial and decolonial approaches: What, if any, are the points of overlap between decolonial and postcolonial thought? How do both bodies of work critique and contest the legacies of empire? Third, we investigate the present and possible futures of decolonial and postcolonial thought.

CDIN 20704 | CCCT 20704 | HIST 26606 | PLSC 20704 | SALC 20704