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Past events

Date Speaker Event Title Categories
03/02/24 Tropical Marxism: Rethinking Marxism in the Shadow of Empire Co-sponsored
05/11/24 Capitalism and Its Outside: Profit, Expansion, and the Necessary Excess Lauren Berlant 3CT Graduate Student Conference
05/05/23 Ethics and Nature in a Time of Crisis Co-sponsored
04/08/23 Science & Liberalism Co-sponsored
04/22/23 Power over Life and Death: Feminism, Abolition, and the State Lauren Berlant 3CT Graduate Student Conference
10/28/22 Global Anti-Gender And Anti-LGBTQ+ Politics: Historical Continuities, Transnational Connections, Contested Futures Co-sponsored
06/24/22 Global Authoritarianisms New Global Authoritarianisms
04/16/22 Attachment Issues: Psychopolitics and the Everyday Lauren Berlant 3CT Graduate Student Conference
11/05/21 What Does Lauren Berlant Teach Us About X? Co-sponsored
02/27/21 Antipolitics: From New Anarchisms to the Alt-Right Lauren Berlant 3CT Graduate Student Conference
04/07/06 Politics, Piety, and the Futures of Faith
03/31/07 Communicating Legitimacy: Putting Democratic Practice and Representation in Context
04/26/08 Conditions of Settler Colonialism Co-sponsored
05/31/08 Social Theory and Social Transformation: A Conference in Honor of William H. Sewell, Jr.
10/11/08 Conference Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Imagined Communities
03/12/10 After Europe: Postcolonial Knowledge in the Age of Globalization
04/30/10 Politics in Africa: A Re-examination on the 70th Anniversary of African Political Systems Co-sponsored
05/21/10 Worlding, Writing: On Making New Genres Worlding, Writing
12/04/10 Global Crisis: Rethinking Economy and Society
04/30/11 The Lives of Things Object Cultures Project
11/03/11 Losing It: Families, Chaos, and the Arts of Attention
12/04/11 Critical Historical Studies History, Social Theory, and CapitalismCritical Historical Studies
04/20/12 In a Rut: The Arts of Non-Sovereignty Worlding, Writing
04/28/12 Jim Crow America: A Problem in Historicization Co-sponsored
05/11/12 Francois Ewald, Pat O'Malley, and Caitlin Zaloom The Future of Risk Symposium Co-sponsored
11/16/12 States of Suspension: Politics & Histories, Aesthetics & Affects Co-sponsored
12/15/12 Trans-Science Conference
04/27/13 Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Work History, Social Theory, and Capitalism
05/07/05 Theorizing Globalization: Contemporary Perspectives Co-sponsored
04/08/05 3CT Inaugural Symposium: Theorizing the Present Theorizing the Present
05/18/13 The Arab Uprisings: Politics and Ethics in the Present Generational Change
05/18/13 The History and Politics of the Anthropocene Climate Change
10/25/13 Invisible Designs: New Perspectives on Race and American Consumer Capitalism Object Cultures Project
02/14/14 Whole Worlds: Systems of Affect, Capital, Aesthetics Co-sponsored
03/14/14 Digital Peripheries: Internet Activism and Surveillance in the Mediterranean Co-sponsored
05/15/14 Salvage 1.0: A Conference / Conversation / Caucus on Behalf of the Act and the Art of Salvage Object Cultures Project
11/21/14 Concussions, Commotions, and Other Aesthetic Disorders Co-sponsored
04/10/15 Imperial Transformations: Ecology, Bureaucracy, and Ritual in the British Atlantic, 17th-20th Centuries Co-sponsored
06/05/15 Salvage 2.1: Reanimation Object Cultures Project
04/24/15 Salvage 2.0: Meanings / Material / Value Object Cultures Project
09/25/15 Salvage 3.0: Built Space Object Cultures Project
11/20/15 Words Unofficial: Gossip, Circulation, Mediation Co-sponsored
06/02/18 The Soup Is On: Experiment in Critical Practice Worlding, Writing
10/07/17 Conspiracy/Theory Conference Conspiracy/Theory
11/03/17 Not Reading: 2017 English Graduate Conference Co-sponsored
05/06/16 Gender|Publics|Panics in the Global South Co-sponsored
11/19/16 Concrete Happenings: Conserving Industrial Materials and Processes in Art Co-sponsored
05/11/18 Emmanuel Pratt, Ilze and Heinrich Wolff, and Michael Sorkin Urban Space Materializing the Future
05/31/19 Speculative Design: Post-Petroleum Utopias Materializing the Future
03/31/17 Mobilizing Gender: Secularism, Nationalism, and Remaking Europe Co-sponsored
04/28/17 Civil War: Discord Within Co-sponsored
04/13/19 Capitalism and Social Theory: a Conference in Memory of Moishe Postone History, Social Theory, and Capitalism
03/09/19 Ayesha Jalal, Arshad Khan, and Pamela Philipose South Asia: The Political, The Public, The Popular Co-sponsored
02/16/19 The Legacy of Moishe Postone Co-sponsored
05/22/14 Chris Boebel and Christine Walley Exit Zero: A Sneak Peek Generational Change
10/27/18 Silencing the Past @ 25 Co-sponsored
02/26/16 10 Years of Theory Theorizing the Present
10/25/19 For the Many: On the Prospects of a Multiracial Populism Global Crowds
05/13/16 Salvage 3.1 Object Cultures Project
Collaborative Projects