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Salvage 2.0: Meanings / Material / Value

Friday, April 24, 2015, 3:00-6:00pm

Logan Center for the Arts

A sequel to our 2014 Salvage 1.0 conference,  Salvage 2.0: Meanings/Material/ Value considers a range of salvaged materials and asks how shifts in materiality—wrought by age, wear, neglect, recontextualization, or revolutions in manufacturing—affect the conceptual meanings and practical functions available to types of materials and processes.  If the act of salvaging can be considered an act of disobedience, an effort to disrupt the ‘laws’ of obsolescence, disposability, and decay, then how might a multifaceted consideration of re-purposed and salvaged materials change the way we think about artistic practices and their relation to commercial and cultural worlds?

Symposium participants include:

  • Presenter / George Scheer (Director, Elsewhere)
  • Respondent  / Hannah Higgins (Art History, UIC)
  • Presenter / Dan Peterman (Architecture and Arts, UIC)
  • Respondent / Jessica Stockholder (DoVA)
  • Presenter / Malynne Sternstein (Slavic, UChicago)
  • Respondent / Niall Atkinson (Art History, UChicago)
  • Introductory Remarks / Bill Brown (English, UChicago)