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Salvage 3.0: Built Space

Friday, September 25, 2015, 1:00-6:00pm

Experimental Station

The Object Cultures Project continues to explore the act and art of salvaging. This conversation addresses the dynamics of material deterioration and restoration, and the rhythms of destruction and construction, that transform the urban fabric. How can social, material, and aesthetic questions converge within buildings, blocks, and neighborhoods? How are the values informing preservation or reanimation shared, contested, and reconciled? As the city of Chicago continues to shape the architectural imagination, what role should salvage play?

Join us for a discussion with architects, historians, artists, and more, featuring special guest Katherine Fischer Taylor with an exciting announcement of a new opportunity for College students interested in architecture. Other participants include:

  • Bill Brown (English, Visual Arts, UChicago)
  • Connie Spreen (Executive Director, Experimental Station)
  • Frances Whitehead (SAIC)
  • Adrienne Brown (English, UChicago)
  • John Vinci (Vinci-Hamp Architects)
  • Sean Keller (architecture at Illinois Institute of Technology)
  • Revival Arts Collective: Anton Seals, William Hill, and Andres Hernandez
  • Hannah Higgins (Art and Art History, UIC)

Symposium (1-5pm) followed by a reception (5-6pm)

This event is co-sponsored by Art History and the College.

Experimental Station

1:00-1:20pm — Opening Remarks
Bill Brown
Katherine Taylor
Connie Spreen

1:30-2:30pm — Salvage : Salvage
Presenter: Frances Whitehead
Respondent: Adrienne Brown

2:30-3:30pm — Salvaging, Reconstructing, Repairing, and Rediscovering the Architectural Past
Presenter: John Vinci
Respondent: Sean Keller

3:30-4:30pm — Revival: Black Artist & Community Vision — Making Place and Space
Presenter: Revival Arts Collective (Anton Seals, William Hill, Andres Hernandez)
Respondent: Hannah Higgins

5:00-6:00pm — Reception