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Global Crisis: Rethinking Economy and Society

December 3-4, 2010

Swift Hall, Room 310


8:45–9:15am — Breakfast

9:15–9:30am — Introduction

9:30am–12:30pm — Understanding the Crisis Historically
Chair: William H. Sewell Jr., University of Chicago
Discussant: Moishe Postone, University of Chicago

David Harvey, CUNY Graduate Center

“The Political Economy Of Post-Crisis Global Capitalism”
Duncan Foley, New School for Social Research

“Crisis of Capital, Crisis of Labor: A Global View from the End of the American Century”
Beverly Silver, Johns Hopkins University

“Structural Crisis in the World-System: Where Do We Go From Here?”
Immanuel Wallerstein, Yale University

12:30–1:30pm — Lunch

1:30–4:00pm — The Crisis and the Global South
Chair: Lisa Wedeen, University of Chicago
Discussant: John Comaroff, University of Chicago

“In Dollar We Trust? Sustaining US Financial Dominance amidst Global Crises from the Plaza Accord to the ‘Chimerica’ Trap”
Ho-fung Hung, Indiana University

“On the Question of Dependency”
Claudio Lomnitz, Columbia University

“Capital as Image and Spectacle”
Achille Mbembe, University of Witwatersrand

4:00–5:00pm — Reception



9:00–9:30am — Breakfast

9:30–11:45am — Neo-liberalism as Ideology and as Policy
Chair: Jean Comaroff, University of Chicago
Discussant: James Sparrow, Univeristy of Chicago

“After Neoliberalization?”
Neil Brenner, New York University
Jamie Peck, University of British Columbia
Nik Theodore, University of Illinois at Chicago

“The Neoliberal Era: Ideology, Policy, and Social Effects”
Peter Evans, Berkeley University
William Sewell, University of Chicago

“Logics Of Expulsion In The Reassembling Of Global Space”
Saskia Sassen, Columbia University

11:45am–12:45pm — Lunch

12:45–3:00pm — The Financialization of Economic Life
Chair: Paul Cheney, University of Chicago
Discussant: Gary Herrigel, University of Chicago

“Global Finance and the American Crisis”
Leo Panitch, York University

“The Constitutive Power of Invisible Sociality in the Financial Derivatives Markets”
Benjamin Lee, The New School for Social Research
Edward LiPuma, University of Miami

“Democracy of Credit: Transformations in Economic Citizenship in U.S. Society”
Greta Krippner, University of Michigan

3:00–3:15pm — Coffee Break

3:15–5:30pm — Unsettled Practices: Work and Expert Knowledge
Chair: Lauren Berlant | University of Chicago
Discussant: Andreas Glaeser | University of Chicago

“Falsify the Currency!”
Michael Hardt, Duke University

Richard Sennett, New York University

“Pharmaceutical Crises: Terrains and Logics of Global Therapeutic Politics”
Kaushik Sunder Rajan, University of Chicago

This conference is co-sponsored by the Franke Institute for the Humanities, History Department, Norman Wait Harris Fund, Anthropology Department, Nicholson Center, SSD, Political Science Department.