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Capitalism and Social Theory: a Conference in Memory of Moishe Postone

April 12-13, 2019

Regenstein Library, Room 122

Moishe Postone, who died in March of last year, was a preeminent interpreter of Marx’s critical theory, a thinker of international renown, and a major intellectual presence at the University of Chicago, where he was the Thomas E. Donnelley Professor in the History Department and the College. Sponsored by the Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory, where he served as co-director, the conference brings together Moishe’s friends, colleagues, and intellectual collaborators. We will reflect on his ideas and further explore the broad range of topics that his thinking and writing have illuminated. We hope to conjure up something of Moishe’s sorely missed presence – his incisiveness, his breadth of interests, his political and moral passions, his wit, and his unending practice of constructive critique.

This conference is co-sponsored by 3CT, The College, the Department of History, the Center for Jewish Studies, and the Division of Social Sciences.