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Past events

Date Speaker Event Title Categories
04/30/24 Anton Ford, Gabriel Lear, and Gina E. Miranda Samuels On University Values The Corporate University
11/01/22 Jonathan Levy and Karsten Lund Fear of Property Co-sponsored
10/12/22 Julian Go Policing Empires: Race, Colonialism, and Militarized Power in the US and Britain Theorizing the Present
11/09/22 François Hartog Chronos: The West Confronts Time New Book Salon
05/24/22 Robert Meister Justice Is an Option New Book Salon
05/09/22 Josephine McDonagh Literature in a Time of Migration New Book Salon
03/30/22 Ghassan Hage Lenticular Ontologies Theorizing the Present
02/11/22 Bill Brown Re-Assemblage: Urban Geography and American Art History Object Cultures Project
02/03/22 Alex S. Vitale The End of Policing? Rethinking Public Safety in a Time of Crisis Co-sponsored
02/09/22 Colin Jones The Fall of Robespierre: 24 Hours in Revolutionary Paris New Book Salon
11/04/21 Mary Weismantel Engaging the Moche Sex Pots Object Cultures Project
11/17/21 William H. Sewell Jr. Capitalism and the Emergence of Civic Equality in Eighteenth-Century France New Book Salon
11/01/21 Rochona Majumdar Art Cinema and India’s Forgotten Futures New Book Salon
09/21/21 Race and Populism Co-sponsored
05/19/21 Ongoing Nakba: Reflections on Palestine from Sheikh Jarrah to Gaza Co-sponsored
05/26/21 Ten Years On: Exploring the New Regional Dynamics of the Middle East New Global Authoritarianisms
04/27/21 Ten Years On: Disciplinary Woes and Possibilities New Global Authoritarianisms
05/18/21 Jonathan Levy Ages of American Capitalism: A History of the United States New Book Salon
05/20/21 Jennifer Doyle and Nick Mitchell Critical University Studies: Academic Labor in Crisis Times Worlding, Writing
04/23/21 Dipesh Chakrabarty The Climate of History in a Planetary Age Co-sponsored
05/12/21 Kandice Chuh and Heather Steffen Critical University Studies: Academic Labor in Crisis Times Worlding, Writing
02/25/21 Ten Years On: Teaching the Arab Uprisings New Global Authoritarianisms
01/25/21 Ten Years On: Reflections on Mass Protests and Uprisings in the Arab World New Global Authoritarianisms
04/30/21 Paul Graves-Brown Pop Archaeology in London Object Cultures Project
05/28/21 Alice von Bieberstein Treasure Hunting and Necrospeculation in Turkey Object Cultures Project
03/16/21 Provincializing Europe: A Book’s Postcolonial Itineraries (2000-2020) Co-sponsored
01/28/21 Neil Brenner New Urban Spaces: Urban Theory and the Scale Question New Book Salon
05/01/09 Keith Hart Beyond National Capitalism? Co-sponsored
12/04/10 Global Crisis: Rethinking Economy and Society
05/11/12 Francois Ewald, Pat O'Malley, and Caitlin Zaloom The Future of Risk Symposium Co-sponsored
10/22/12 Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin The Making of Global Capitalism: The Political Economy of American Empire
05/03/13 Angela Davis Feminism and Abolition: Theories and Practices for the 21st Century Co-sponsored
02/21/13 James Currie On Sonic Gravity Worlding, Writing
10/16/12 Michael Hardt The Right to the Common Worlding, Writing
11/11/20 Tom Ginsburg and Lisa Wedeen 2020 Kirschner Lecture – From D.C. to Damascus: The Architecture of Modern-Day Authoritarianism Co-sponsored
11/18/14 Nancy Fraser Legitimation Crisis?: On the Political Contradictions of Financialized Capitalism History, Social Theory, and Capitalism
10/15/15 Linda Zerilli A Democratic Theory of Judgment Theorizing the Present
10/26/15 Robert Meister Is Justice an Option? Politics after Evil Theorizing the Present
10/30/15 Dipesh Chakrabarty The Calling of History New Book Salon
01/21/16 Leo Panitch The European Crisis and the Radical Left’s Strategic Dilemmas Theorizing the Present
11/06/20 Stuart Schrader Badges without Borders New Book Salon
02/26/20 Andreas Eckert Where Have All the Workers Gone? Labor and the Social Question in Postcolonial Africa Theorizing the Present
02/20/09 Cathy Cohen and Adolph Reed Long Time Coming? Obama and the Politics of Identity Identity and Politics
04/16/09 Faisal Devji and Paul Apostolidis Fundamentalisms and the Politics of Identity Identity and Politics
01/15/21 Election 2020 Teach-in: Beyond the Electoral Moment Theorizing the Present
10/25/19 For the Many: On the Prospects of a Multiracial Populism Global Crowds
10/21/20 Joan Donovan The True Costs of Misinformation: Producing Moral and Technical Order in a Time of Pandemonium Conspiracy/Theory
10/23/20 Election 2020 Teach-in: Electoral Politics and Representative Governance Theorizing the Present
10/09/20 Election 2020 Teach-in: Popular Mobilization and Electoral Politics Theorizing the Present
Collaborative Projects