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Past events

Date Speaker Event Title Categories
04/11/23 Darryl Li Captive Passages: Empire, Race, and Law in the Forever War Theorizing the Present
04/15/23 The Problem with Context
04/23/22 Patiencies and Passivities
03/23/22 Michelle Zancarini-Fournel Writing a People’s History of France Co-sponsored
03/01/22 Alireza Doostdar A Satanic Inheritance: Theological Sources for Iranian Revolutionary Thought Theorizing the Present
12/07/21 Global Populisms New Global Authoritarianisms
02/21/13 Harry Harootunian De-Provincializing Marxism History, Social Theory, and Capitalism
10/26/07 3CT Workshop: Whither the Welfare State?
11/05/11 Kathleen Stewart Losing It – Workshop
02/04/12 Micah Philbrook Rolling the Dice
05/04/12 Naomi Oreskes Neo-liberalism and the Denial of Global Warming Climate Change
10/23/12 Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin The Making of Global Capitalism: The Political Economy of American Empire
11/02/12 Guerilla Metaphysics Reading Group Object Cultures Project
01/10/13 Wendy Brown Citizens Sacrificed: Austerity Politics and the Inversion of the Neoliberal Social Contract
04/29/05 James Ferguson and Achille Mbembe Lecture and Workshop Co-sponsored
10/22/13 Donatella Della Ratta Creativity and Dissent in Present-Day Syria: From TV Series to Citizen-Generated Media Generational Change
10/30/13 George Steinmetz Toward a Bourdieusian Analysis of Empires: Rescaling Field Theory Co-sponsored
02/04/14 Mel Chen Track Switching Worlding, Writing
02/25/14 Nina Wakeford Inventive Methods for Generating the Social Worlding, Writing
03/06/14 Tavia Nyong'o Critical Practice Worlding, Writing
04/11/14 Jennifer Roberts Lunchtime Book Discussion Object Cultures Project
10/24/14 Heather Love Queer Description Worlding, Writing
11/19/14 Nancy Fraser On “Behind Marx’s ‘Hidden Abode‘” History, Social Theory, and Capitalism
03/06/15 Shaka McGlotten Turnt Out Worlding, Writing
03/31/15 Winnie Wong Speculative Authorship and the City of Fakes Theorizing the Present
05/07/15 Reflections on the Contemporary Middle East Neoliberalism + Empire
05/16/16 David Scott Michael Manley’s Styles of Radical Will Co-sponsored
01/13/16 Jason Moore The Capitalization of Nature, or, The Limits of Historical Nature History, Social Theory, and Capitalism
02/27/16 Kathleen Stewart Object Lessons Worlding, Writing
11/04/16 Ann Cvetkovich Writing as Archival Practive: A Lecture/Writing, Theory/Practice Hybrid Workshop Worlding, Writing
01/25/17 CA Conrad (Soma)tic Poetry Workshop Worlding, Writing
02/26/19 Susan Lepselter Feeling the Plot: Writing into the Affects, Atmospheres, and Poetics of Conspiracy Conspiracy/Theory
04/10/17 Heiba Lamara, Sofia Niazi, and Rose Nordin In Session with OOMK Co-sponsored
04/14/17 Robert Meister and Sandro Mezzadra On Operations and Optionality Theorizing the Present
05/22/19 Danilyn Rutherford Wenner-Gren Application Workshop
04/24/14 Bassam Haddad Business Networks in Syria: The Political Economy of Authoritarian Resilience Generational Change
11/23/19 Adom Getachew and Jennifer Pitts W.E.B. Du Bois Workshop Co-sponsored
05/11/16 The Rise of Fashion Object Cultures Project
05/11/16 Caroline Evans Walk/Pose, Movement/Flow Object Cultures Project
05/12/16 Caroline Bellios, Jessamyn Hatcher, and Nika Levando From SAIC to MODA: A Salvage Design Practice Workshop Object Cultures Project
Collaborative Projects