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Past events

Date Speaker Event Title Categories
05/02/24 The Future of the Environment Future Café
05/11/24 Capitalism and Its Outside: Profit, Expansion, and the Necessary Excess Lauren Berlant 3CT Graduate Student Conference
01/18/24 The Future of Communication Future Café
11/06/23 The Future of Entertainment Future Café
09/28/23 Future Café Kickoff and Post-X Launch Future Café
05/04/23 The Future of Consumption Future Café
04/06/23 The Future of Art Future Café
04/22/23 Power over Life and Death: Feminism, Abolition, and the State Lauren Berlant 3CT Graduate Student Conference
02/21/23 The Future of Home Future Café
01/26/23 The Future of the Sacred Future Café
09/29/22 Future Café Future Café
05/27/22 Post-X #3 Launch Future Café
05/18/22 The Future of Dystopia Future Café
04/19/22 The Future of Utopia Future Café
04/09/22 Horror Vanguard LIVE! Co-sponsored
04/16/22 Attachment Issues: Psychopolitics and the Everyday Lauren Berlant 3CT Graduate Student Conference
03/02/22 The Future of Counterculture Future Café
02/16/22 The Future of Nostalgia Future Café
12/01/21 The Future of Identity Future Café
11/11/21 The Future of Play Future Café
10/04/21 Future Café Future Café
05/13/21 Dipesh Chakrabarty, Kim Lane Scheppele, and Zeynep Gambetti Democratic Erosion and Academic Freedom: Hungary, India, Turkey, and Beyond Co-sponsored
04/16/21 The Future of Death Future Café
05/07/21 The Future of Borders Future Café
02/19/21 The Future of Work Future Café
01/29/21 The Future of Boredom Future Café
02/27/21 Antipolitics: From New Anarchisms to the Alt-Right Lauren Berlant 3CT Graduate Student Conference
11/10/20 The Future of Care Future Café
10/13/20 The Future of the Future Future Café
02/14/14 Whole Worlds: Systems of Affect, Capital, Aesthetics Co-sponsored
11/21/14 Concussions, Commotions, and Other Aesthetic Disorders Co-sponsored
04/10/15 Imperial Transformations: Ecology, Bureaucracy, and Ritual in the British Atlantic, 17th-20th Centuries Co-sponsored
11/20/15 Words Unofficial: Gossip, Circulation, Mediation Co-sponsored
11/03/17 Not Reading: 2017 English Graduate Conference Co-sponsored
11/29/17 3CT Presents: Future Café Future Café
02/01/18 The Future of Climate Change Future Café
02/26/18 Future Café and Doc Films Present: Afrofuturism Co-sponsoredFuture Café
03/01/18 The Future of Post-Capitalism and Labor Future Café
05/03/18 The Future of Intimacy Future Café
04/05/18 The Future of Transportation Future Café
05/14/18 The Future of Cities Future Café
02/10/17 Trumpism and the University Theorizing the Present
10/04/20 Orientation 2020: The Future of Space Future Café
02/13/17 Taylor Lowe and Keith Murphy DeSigning Praxis: DeSign Cosmologies Object Cultures Project
04/14/17 Robert Meister and Sandro Mezzadra On Operations and Optionality Theorizing the Present
05/30/19 The Future of Speculative Design Future Café
04/30/19 The Future of Consciousness Future Café
02/27/19 The Future of Kinship Future Café
02/16/19 The Legacy of Moishe Postone Co-sponsored
02/04/19 The Future of Utopia Future Café
11/27/18 The Future of Human Rights Future Café
10/30/18 First Future Café of 2018-19 Future Café
10/23/19 The Future of Cybernetics Future Café
01/23/20 The Future of the Sacred Future Café
02/14/20 The Future of Sex Future Café
04/11/17 Neeraj Bhatia and Julie Chu DeSigning Praxis: DeSigning Infrastructure Object Cultures Project
03/04/20 The Future of Health Future Café
05/01/20 Post-X Info Session Future Café
05/15/20 Post-X Info Session Future Café
06/04/20 Post-X Launch Future Café
Collaborative Projects