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Future Café

Monday, October 4, 2021, 6:00-7:00pm

Social Science Research Building, Tea Room (second floor)

University of Chicago undergraduates, please join us for the first Future Café meeting of 2021-22. Capacity for this in-person event is limited, and registration is required.

[Update 10/4: this event is now fully booked; you can join the waiting list via the link above.]

Future Café is a student-organized series that provides the opportunity and space for undergraduates to collectively imagine utopian possibilities and long-term futures. What sort of ideas appeal in the present moment? What projects are already underway? What is neo-futurism, or futurology? What is the role of imagination in shaping politics, the environment, and social life? How might radical futures be brought into being?

Each year, students meet to generate a list of topics for the year. Past topics have included the future of work, of play, of boredom, and of death. Future Café has also produced two issues of Post-X, a zine compilation of creative work and futurology by University of Chicago undergraduate students.

Future Café events are open to all undergraduate students at the University of Chicago. No prior knowledge of the topic of discussion is required, nor is there “homework.”

Please note: This convening is open to all invitees who are compliant with UChicago vaccination requirements and, because of ongoing health risks, particularly to the unvaccinated, participants are expected to adopt the risk mitigation measures (masking and social distancing, etc.) appropriate to their vaccination status as advised by public health officials or to their individual vulnerabilities as advised by a medical professional. Public convening may not be safe for all and carries a risk for contracting COVID-19, particularly for those unvaccinated. Participants will not know the vaccination status of others and should follow appropriate risk mitigation measures.