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The Future of Borders

Friday, May 7, 2021, 7:00–8:00pm


Dividing lines, both tangible and implied, construct the flow of the world around us. The second Spring quarter Future Café will feature a discussion of the long-term future of borders in our world and how, as physical boundaries shift and change, so do concepts of policing, citizenship, and subjecthood. Do physical boundaries help define internal socio-emotional boundaries such as The Self and Other? Does an evolving digital world warrant new allegiances, and, if so, whatever will happen to modern statehood?

Want to help us run this meeting? Hit up this year’s student coordinators, Jack and Liv, to get involved: or

Future Café is a space for University of Chicago undergraduate students to think creatively, cooperatively, and radically about long-term futures. No prior knowledge of the topic of discussion is required, nor is there “homework.”

***Future Café events are open to all undergraduate students at the University of Chicago.*** To participate, register at the link above or join the Future Café mailing list and we’ll email you the Zoom link. Please email us if you require any accommodations to enable your full participation.