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June 18, 2021

Future Café: Post-X Zine #2 Now Available

Cover of Future Cafe Post-X Zine issue 2, showing a white cat sitting on a shelf surrounded by stylized text reading

View on Issuu // Download PDF // Email us to request a paper copy

We’re pleased to share the second issue of Post-X, a zine produced by University of Chicago undergraduate students as part of 3CT’s Future Café series. Digital copies are available at the links above, and this time we’ve also printed a limited number of paper copies. They’re free, and we’ll send you one if you email us with your name and mailing address.

Big thanks to Post-X contributors Naa Asheley Ashitey, Jack Demchak, Louise Gagnon, Samantha Koretsky, Echo Lyu, Livia Miller, Audrey Scott, and Jack Vogel.

“The first issue of Post-X, a whole wild lifetime of a year ago, came from a desire to imagine a utopian future into existence at a time when narratives about future possibilities felt not just dark but profoundly inaccessible. Gathering the work of our peers thinking about the future felt like necessary work to bring into being the very possibility of a future, of a time after, a time post-x.

In this second issue, we curated contributions around the topic of work and play, boredom and pleasure. Often two sides of the same coin, the future of work and the future of play both feel like generative starting points for thinking about what the future might feel like.

Do the constantly evolving escapist pleasures mean that boredom is disappearing, or just changing? Will we ever reach a moment where you never have to scroll all the way through your Netflix home page to find something new—and would we even want that to happen?

Presented in this zine is a collection of work from University of Chicago undergraduate students, creative writing, analytical think-ing, and visual arts of all kinds created during a lost year of remote learning and existential confusion. The future exists, and we are bringing ourselves into the utopia.”

—Livia Miller and Jack Demchak, June 2021