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Post-X Launch

Thursday, June 4, 2020, 6:30–7:30pm


In the introduction to Post-X, the new zine from Future Café, 3CT fellow Bill Brown writes:

Post-X is animated by a recognition that, even in the midst of contemporary crises that grow more critical by the day, the distant future deserves attention.  Not the coherence of the imagined utopian enclave, but small thought experiments, creative gestures, faint yet fascinating handholds… Post-X is a promise.  A promise to welcome and to publish off-beat insights.  Post-X is a provocation.  Committed to bringing the energy of the Café to a broader public, the inspiring editors insist that imagining radical futures is a responsibility that you have—that we have—right now.

In order to contribute to this urgent conversation, 3CT has invited University of Chicago undergraduates to submit essays, artistic meditations, or other experimental projects to be highlighted in this new digital publication.

Please join us as we launch this new project in a live Zoom event featuring readings from contributors and opportunity for discussion. All are welcome.

Read Post-X here.