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The Future of Art

Thursday, April 6, 2023, 6:00-7:00pm

Foster 107

Future Café is a student-organized series that provides the opportunity and space for undergraduates to collectively imagine utopian possibilities and long-term futures. University of Chicago undergraduate students, please join us for our next meeting to discuss the future of art over pizza, guacamole, and chips.

From the self-destructing Banksy to the NFT, art in recent years has come to be associated with a certain kind of intangibility. Whether tied up in the conundrums of economic value or posed as a statement against the world as it is, such art has challenged long-standing conceptions of beauty, creativity, and possession. What will the relationship between art and embodiment look like in the future? Will we see art become an increasingly crucial mode of contestation in a changing world, or an increasingly abstract domain of financial speculation? What will it mean to be an artist in the future?

Future Café events are open to all undergraduate students at the University of Chicago. No prior knowledge of the topic of discussion is required, nor is there “homework.”

This event is free and open to all University of Chicago undergraduate students; registration is recommended.