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The Future of Sex

Thursday, February 13, 2020, 6:00-8:00pm

Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory, Foster 107

This Winter quarter, Future Café delves into themes relating to the future of connection: exploring how humans relate to one another, to the technological, and to the natural. As our modes of communicating and conceiving of our world change, how will our understanding of interpersonal, interspecies, and intermedium discourse adapt? As a three-part series, Future Café meetings explore connection from vantage points that examine the future of human relationships with divinity, with other humans, and with systems of power.

February’s meeting takes on the subject of sex: What might sex look like, feel like, and include in the next 100, 200 years? How will queerness influence our societies? How will a changing state relate to people’s sex and family lives? This relates to the changing experience of the body and community.

Please join Future Café to collectively explore the future of sex, intimacy, and the family.

open to all University of Chicago undergraduates