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Jean-Claude Zancarini

An Intellectual Biography of Machiavelli

Monday, March 21, 4:00–5:30pm

Franke Institute, inside Regenstein Library

This will be a presentation in English of his intellectual biography of Machiavelli that came out in 2020: Machiavel. Une vie en guerres (Paris, Passés composés, 2020), co-authored with Jean-Louis Fournel. Prof. Zancarini will take the opportunity to revisit the approach he and his collaborator Jean-Louis Fournel have taken to the task of translating and interpreting 16th century Italian political thought in its historical context. He will focus, in particular, on their new interpretation of Machiavelli’s intellectual trajectory.

Prof. Jean-Claude Zancarini is a political theorist, intellectual historian, and translator who, among his other works, is the co-author of the Presses Universitaires de France 2014 translation of Machiavelli’s Prince. He is co-founder of the Laboratoire Triangle, based at the Ecole normale supérieure, Lyon, and is currently at work on an intellectual biography of Gramsci.