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Greta LaFleur speaking in front of an audience

Video: Greta LaFleur on How Sex Became Good

Political Abandonment: Surplus Populations and the Limits of Progressive Democracy

pale green and black wavy lines

As It Were: Narrative Struggles, Historiopraxy, and the Stakes of the Future in the Documentation of the Syrian Uprising

Black abstract artwork on a gray wall

Syrian Futures: Percolation, Temporality, and Historical Experience in the Plural

Trans Feminine Histories, Piece by Piece

Still image from documentary film Riotsville, U.S.A. Police officers in riot gear in an arrow formation with a tank behind them.

Riotsville, U.S.A.

Close up of arms and legs in a contortionist pose

How Sex Became Good

Black and white photo of rubble

Settler Colonialism and the Question of Palestine

Blue background with black sketches of human figures

Shadowless Being

three airplanes against a blue sky overlaid with a chain link fence

Captive Passages: Empire, Race, and Law in the Forever War

pink-toned photograph of a crowd of people, some with their arms up making peace signs and others wearing pink hats

Toward a Freedom-Centered Feminist Historiography

Red monochrome image of police in riot gear.

Policing Empires: Race, Colonialism, and Militarized Power in the US and Britain

Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man overlaid on a photo of a glacier.

Beyond Temporal Anthropocentrism: Koselleck and Natural History

illustration featuring two overlapping cityscapes

Lenticular Ontologies

mural featuring skeleton statue of liberty against an American flag

A Satanic Inheritance: Theological Sources for Iranian Revolutionary Thought

blurred image of police standing over a person lying on the ground

“Shoot me I’m dead already!” Critical Notes on Afropessimism in South Africa

play icon superimposed over a two-tone green image of a forest and cloudy sky

Video: Beyond the Electoral Moment

Cosmopolitanism and the Geographies of Freedom

Going Kinetic: Moving Beyond Biopower

Return to Empire: Debating the New U.S. Imperialism

The Contingency of Capitalism

State Space and Non-State Space Southeast Asia

Histories of the Future: Internationalism in Colonial India

The Political Sociology of World Income Inequality

Why Iraq? The Politics of Bush II

Unseasonable Thoughts on Imperial Dispositions: Beyond Learned Ignorance and Bad Faith

Epistemologies of Comparison in the Study of Globalized Urbanization

Sex and Secularity

Recognition, Camoflague, Espionage: Maneuvers of Power in Late Liberalism

The Enchantments of Secular Belief

After Virtue: Some Notes on Early 20th-Century Socialist Anti-materialism

Election 2020 Teach-in 2 video available graphic

Video: Electoral Politics and Representative Governance

Video: Popular Mobilization and Electoral Politics

History, Narrative, and the Dialectic

3CT Inaugural Symposium: Theorizing the Present

Institution and the Wild

Hannah Arendt and the Laboring Body

Boundless Informant: Digital Surveillance in the Post-Privacy Era

Speculative Authorship and the City of Fakes

The Global Supply Chain of Readymade Dreams

A Democratic Theory of Judgment

Is Justice an Option? Politics after Evil

The European Crisis and the Radical Left’s Strategic Dilemmas

What is the Matter with Hungary?

Where Have All the Leaders Gone?

Bubble Talk in Ramallah

The Debt Drive: Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Neoliberalism

Marx & Engels’s “German Ideology” Update: Fabrications, Receptions, Questions

Tone, Tact, and Meaning in Ethnographic and Documentary Film

Beyond Satire: What Lubitsch, Genet, and Claudel Can Tell Us About Ideology Today

Modes of Ethnographic Inquiry: Where Ethnographic Practice Meets Multimedia

The Debt of the Living

Trumpism and the University

Where Have All the Workers Gone? Labor and the Social Question in Postcolonial Africa

2020 Elections: Race, Youth, and the Impact of Covid-19

What’s in a Word?: Humiliation and Power in Islamic Thought

Historical Justice in the Age of Finance

Occupying the Ruins of Empire

The Limits of Sovereignty as Responsibility

On Operations and Optionality

Excavating Contemporary Capitalism: Toward a Critique of Extraction Writ Large

I Like Dirt: Film Screening and Conversation with the Filmmakers

Technocracy and Political Judgment

10 Years of Theory

Election 2020 Teach-in: Beyond the Electoral Moment

collage of graphics from Theorizing the Present posters

Theorizing the Present

3CT’s signature series features presentations by international scholars and practitioners whose work is engaged with theorizing the contemporary moment.

Election 2020 Teach-in: Electoral Politics and Representative Governance

Election 2020 Teach-in: Popular Mobilization and Electoral Politics