Future Café

What is a Future Café? It is an experiment. It is an open-ended conversation. It is a chance to brainstorm and share ideas without evaluation. It is a place to share food.

Based loosely on both 3CT’s successful Book Salon series and the global Death Café movement, the objective of this recurring event is to provide opportunity and space for undergraduates to collectively imagine utopian possibilities and long-term futures. What sort of ideas appeal in the present moment? What projects are already underway? What is neo-futurism, or futurology? What is the role of imagination in shaping politics, the environment, and social life? How might radical futures be brought into being? Each café has a loose theme linked to an optional discussion piece such as a podcast, a piece of fiction or journalism, a film, or a museum exhibit.

The meetings are hosted by 3CT in our seminar room, Foster 107, and are open to all undergraduates in the College of the University of Chicago.


2019-20 student facilitators: Sam Clark, Carolyn Hirsch, and Livia Miller

Faculty sponsors: Shannon Lee Dawdy (Anthropology, 3CT) and Bill Brown (English, Visual Arts, 3CT)

Visit our events page for details of upcoming Future Cafés.