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Black and gray textured swirls


sculpture of two wire figures on a wood base

Melancholy Acts

Rows of very small black text

Immediacy: or, The Style of Too Late Capitalism

Painting of a mushroom cloud shape with Italian words on top

Italian Literature in the Nuclear Age

Pixelated nondescript map

Combat Trauma

Three overlapping Earths in space

One Planet, Many Worlds

Lisa Wedeen, Nancy Fraser, and Ryan Cecil Jobson speaking in front of an audience.

Video: Nancy Fraser on Cannibal Capitalism

Repeated image of gold ouroboros over white background.

Cannibal Capitalism

Video: François Hartog on Chronos

Wooden door with a keyhole and locked by a padlock.

After Servitude

Old clock with hand pointing to 16

Chronos: The West Confronts Time

detail of book cover with black and white text on a red background, Justice Is an Option: A Democratic Theory of Finance for the Twenty-first Century

Justice Is an Option

Photograph of sculpture made of gray stone and mixed materials portraying people on a boat with a gold sail and oars.

Literature in a Time of Migration

illustration of crowd surrounding a guillotine

The Fall of Robespierre: 24 Hours in Revolutionary Paris

Capitalism and the Emergence of Civic Equality in Eighteenth-Century France

Art Cinema and India’s Forgotten Futures

image of Earth's western hemisphere from space

The Climate of History in a Planetary Age

Theory of the Gimmick

graphic with black and white architectural interior overlaid with play symbol

Video: Jonathan Levy on Ages of American Capitalism

black and white image of large empty office space

Ages of American Capitalism: A History of the United States

graphic showing colorful birdseye view of a quarry with play button superimposed above it

Video: Neil Brenner on New Urban Spaces

aerial view of a quarry with surrounding buildings

New Urban Spaces: Urban Theory and the Scale Question

black and white image of silhouetted figures of soldiers with guns with overlaying triangle cutout

Video: Stuart Schrader on Badges without Borders

Censorium: Cinema and the Open Edge of Mass Publicity

The Cooking of History: How Not to Study Afro-Cuban Religion

Common Cause: Postcolonial Ethics and the Practice of Democracy, 1900-1955

Imagining the Edgy City

Philosophy’s Artful Conversation

The Theater of Operations: National Security Affect from the Cold War to the War on Terror

The Calling of History


Foucault and Neoliberalism

Other Things

Network Aesthetics

The Mana of Mass Society

What Nostalgia Was

A Democratic Theory of Judgment

repeated image of cover of Badges without Borders

Badges without Borders

The Republic of Color

The Universal Enemy

Rated Agency

Empire of Neglect

Living in the Stone Age

Worldmaking After Empire

A Happy Future Is a Thing of the Past

The Perpetual Immigrant

Authoritarian Apprehensions

Christopher Taylor and Adom Getachew in conversation at the Seminary Co-op Bookstore

New Book Salon

These salons foster intellectual community by celebrating new book releases by authors whose work is relevant to the concerns of 3CT.