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Critical University Studies: Academic Labor in Crisis Times

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Critical University Studies: Academic Labor in Crisis Times

Worlding, Writing: On Making New Genres

In a Rut: The Arts of Non-Sovereignty

Where Did Lenin Go?: Critical Theory and the Unexpected Soviet Collapse

On Sonic Gravity

Academic Writing, I Love You. Really, I Do.

Occupy Wall Street: Bartleby and the (In)Humanities

Literary Gimmicks

On Criticality and Care

Outside Domestication

The Right to the Common

Track Switching

Material Alliance

On Informatic Opacity and Queerness

Inventive Methods for Generating the Social

You Must Listen to This Before Continuing

Critical Practice

Losing the Plot: Queer Digressions on the New Ontology

Norms, Deviance, and the Queer Ordinary

Queer Description

On Kara Walker’s “A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby”

Turnt Out

Black Data

Forcible Feeding and the Crisis of Care in Indefinite Detention

The Soup Is On: Experiment in Critical Practice

Object Lessons

Writing as Archival Practive: A Lecture/Writing, Theory/Practice Hybrid Workshop

(Soma)tic Poetry Workshop

The Digital and the Analog

Trauma and the Aesthetics of Life: Bad News

Trauma and the Aesthetics of Life: Illness Narratives as Health Activism: Telling Stories about Precarity to Save the ACA

I Still Have to Protest This Shit?!: The Handmaid’s Tale and Competing Rights Temporalities

Settler Love Is Breaking My Heart

Worlding, Writing

This module explores new modes of writing and reading—not in an effort to affirm expertise but to imagine productive idioms for critical engagement and assemble novel ways of attending to socio-political phenomena.

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Lauren Berlant