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A person with shoulder-length hair and a brightly colored scarf stands smiling in front of a shelf of books

Allyson Nadia Field

Daragh Grant

Head of person wearing black shirt standing in front of textured cream wall

Julian Go

portrait of Sianne Ngai smiling and standing in front of a bookshelf

Sianne Ngai

portrait of Neil Brenner

Neil Brenner

Portrait of Cathy Cohen

Cathy J. Cohen

Portrait of William Mazzarella

William Mazzarella

Portrait of William H. Sewell, Jr.

William H. Sewell Jr.

Portrait of Dipesh Chakrabarty

Dipesh Chakrabarty

Jennifer Pitts

Jennifer Pitts

portrait of Demetra Kasimis

Demetra Kasimis

Portrait of Adom Getachew

Adom Getachew

Portrait of Linda Zerilli

Linda Zerilli

Portrait of Andreas Glaeser

Andreas Glaeser

portrait of Jonathan Levy

Jonathan Levy

Portrait of Rochona Majumdar

Rochona Majumdar

Portrait of Joseph Masco

Joseph P. Masco

Portrait of Kaushik Sunder Rajan

Kaushik Sunder Rajan

Shannon Lee Dawdy

portrait of Bill Brown

Bill Brown