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exterior view of Foster Hall through tree branches

Fellows in the News: Fall 2022

Wooden door with a keyhole and locked by a padlock.

After Servitude

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Chronos: The West Confronts Time

Brightly colored graphic featuring mixed up segments of a world map

Reimagining Cosmopolitanism

What does it mean to be a citizen of the world today? This project aims to creatively and critically theorize new forms, sites, and manifestations of cosmopolitanism and to develop a new set of conceptual tools and categories.

Colloquium: The Humanities, the Human, and the Nonhuman

image of Earth's western hemisphere from space

The Climate of History in a Planetary Age

Colloquium: Subaltern Studies—Issues and Historiography

portrait of Dipesh Chakrabarty speaking

Chakrabarty to Receive Honorary Doctorate from École Normale Supérieure

Video: The Climate of History in a Planetary Age

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Democratic Erosion and Academic Freedom: Hungary, India, Turkey, and Beyond

image of Earth's western hemisphere from space

The Climate of History in a Planetary Age

Video: Provincializing Europe, 2000-2020

square crop of antique world map

Provincializing Europe: A Book’s Postcolonial Itineraries (2000-2020)

Towards a History of the National Archives in India, 1919-1940

Conditions of Settler Colonialism

The Lives of Things

Trans-Science Conference

3CT Inaugural Symposium: Theorizing the Present

The History and Politics of the Anthropocene

The Anthropocene?: Some Rifts in Contemporary Thinking on Climate Change

Teach-in on the Indian Elections

The Calling of History

Other Things

Modernism: Global Failure

Portrait of Dipesh Chakrabarty

Dipesh Chakrabarty

Climate Change

Putting debates about climate change in conversation with discussions of contemporary history, this module seeks to understand how an increasing sense of the environment’s vulnerability works to modify the stories scholars tell about the beginnings and trajectories of human civilizations.