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Disciplinary Woes and Possibilities: Political Science in the Context of the Uprisings

Teaching the Arab Uprisings

Reflections on Mass Protests and Uprisings in the Arab World

woman with megaphone in a city

3CT Joins Arab Uprisings Project

a row of people sit on chairs at rear of stage on which a chair lays on its side

Syria Ten Years On: Art, Journalism, and the Struggle over Narrative

The Electorate

Film Screening: Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait

Does Poetry Incite? Lessons from Egyptian Movement Poetry

Film Screenings: Step by Step, Stars in Broad Daylight

New Global Authoritarianisms

This project facilitates ongoing conversations on the fate of liberal democracy, attending to the role that new authoritarianisms are playing in reversing the global trend towards inclusive and democratic forms of government.

Portrait of Andreas Glaeser

Andreas Glaeser