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The Electorate

Thursday, May 17, 2018, 5:00-7:30pm

Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory, Wilder House

The first panel in our series New Global Authoritarianisms focuses on the electorate. It addresses the question why a majority of the voters in countries that have only recently turned towards democracy feel compelled to support politicians whose explicit goal it is to undo vital parts of of the institutional fabric commonly held to make up a formal democracy. Our three speakers have been carefully chosen to represent areas of the world distinct in economic development and history: Turkey, eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia. After addressing all three cases in turn, the discussion between the three panelists will explore common patterns and causes.


  • Monika Nalepa, University of Chicago
  • Fatma Gocek, University of Michigan
  • Dan Slater, University of Michigan

Moderator: Andreas Glaeser, University of Chicago