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The Future

Old clock with hand pointing to 16

Chronos: The West Confronts Time

collaged image of two people wearing dresses walking down the street, along with three sculptural artworks

Re-Assemblage: Urban Geography and American Art History

The Assemblage Mode

The Lives of Things

The Historicity of Black American Intellectual & Literary History

post-x zine cover crop

Future Café: Post-X Zine Now Available

Salvage 1.0: A Conference / Conversation / Caucus on Behalf of the Act and the Art of Salvage

Salvage 2.1: Reanimation

Salvage 2.0: Meanings / Material / Value

Salvage 3.0: Built Space

Other Things

Concrete Happenings: Conserving Industrial Materials and Processes in Art

Network Aesthetics

Conversations in Contemporary Theory

10 Years of Theory

Walter Benjamin’s “The Arcades Project” and “Origin of the German Trauerspiel”

collage of graphics from Object Cultures Project event posters

Object Cultures Project

Most generally the task of this module is to formulate new ways of understanding how people transform the physical object world and how that world in turn transforms them. We are concerned with the mutual constitution of subject and object, the animate and inanimate, person and thing, and with the ways objects mediate individual and group identities.

portrait of Bill Brown

Bill Brown

Materializing the Future

How is the future being shaped by designers in the present? Having passed through a period of postmodern disenchantment, designers now seem ready again to take on the challenge of the future.