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Wooden door with a keyhole and locked by a padlock.

After Servitude

exterior view of Foster Hall through tree branches

Fellows in the News: Spring 2022

collaged image of two people wearing dresses walking down the street, along with three sculptural artworks

Re-Assemblage: Urban Geography and American Art History

photograph of an ancient Peruvian sculpture in gray stone of a kneeling figure holding an infant

Engaging the Moche Sex Pots

Video: Alice von Bieberstein on Treasure Hunting and Necrospeculation in Turkey

Archaeology of the Contemporary

Death and Being

Video: Paul Graves-Brown on Pop Archaeology in London

Video: Jeremy F. Walton on the Contested Times of Hagia Sophia

Anthropology of the Future

black and white x-ray image of a human torso with bones and organs visible; "R AP" appears in spaced out capital letters in the upper left corner

Tender: Balance

wall mural of David Bowie with pile of flower bouquets on the ground in front of it

Pop Archaeology in London

small-scale model of the Hagia Sophia building situated in a park

On the Contested Times of Hagia Sophia

a shovel lays on top of a pile of dirt in front of a hole, surrounded by pale green walls

Treasure Hunting and Necrospeculation in Turkey

graphic showing colorful birdseye view of a quarry with play button superimposed above it

Video: Neil Brenner on New Urban Spaces

aerial view of a quarry with surrounding buildings

New Urban Spaces: Urban Theory and the Scale Question

The Lives of Things

Imagining the Edgy City

Trumpism and the University

Living in the Stone Age

I Like Dirt: Film Screening and Conversation with the Filmmakers

collage of graphics from Object Cultures Project event posters

Object Cultures Project

Most generally the task of this module is to formulate new ways of understanding how people transform the physical object world and how that world in turn transforms them. We are concerned with the mutual constitution of subject and object, the animate and inanimate, person and thing, and with the ways objects mediate individual and group identities.

Shannon Lee Dawdy

Materializing the Future

How is the future being shaped by designers in the present? Having passed through a period of postmodern disenchantment, designers now seem ready again to take on the challenge of the future.