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Fellows in the News: Fall 2022

Topics in Critical Theory: Magical Politics

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Patiencies and Passivities

Charisma in the Age of Trumpism

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Topics in Critical Theory: Magical Politics

Single image with portraits of Lisa Wedeen, Adom Getachew, and William Mazzarella

3CT Fellows in the News

3CT Inaugural Symposium: Theorizing the Present

Trump 101

Topics in Critical Theory: Populism and its Discontents

Censorium: Cinema and the Open Edge of Mass Publicity

The Debt Drive: Philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Neoliberalism

The Mana of Mass Society

cover of The Mana of Mass Society by William Mazzarella

The Mana of Mass Society

Trumpism and the University

Conversations in Contemporary Theory

Portrait of William Mazzarella

William Mazzarella

10 Years of Theory

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Global Crowds

This project explores the resurgence of crowds across the world today: what can a close and comparative exploration of crowds around the world tell us about the very substance of contemporary politics?

Public, Life

How can we begin to theorize the connections between the most intimate practices of self-making and the most impersonal currents of mass publicity? This project explores the relation between inner and outer worlds through figures of mimesis, contagion, mediation, and ethics.