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Hannah Arendt: From Kantian Aesthetics to the Practice of Political Judgment

Three overlapping Earths in space

One Planet, Many Worlds

Linda Zeilli speaking in front of an audience.

Video: Linda Zerilli on Freedom-Centered Feminist Historiography

pink-toned photograph of a crowd of people, some with their arms up making peace signs and others wearing pink hats

Toward a Freedom-Centered Feminist Historiography

Sylvia Wynter and the Decolonization of Political Theory

Advanced Theories in Gender and Sexuality

woman with megaphone in a city

3CT Fellows in the News

Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Work

A Democratic Theory of Judgment

A Democratic Theory of Judgment

10 Years of Theory

History, Social Theory, and Capitalism

The ongoing global economic crisis poses a serious challenge to our understanding of large-scale social processes and, hence, of our own historical circumstances. History, Social Theory, and Capitalism seeks to interrogate the relation of social and economic inquiry to changes in the large-scale configurations of society, economy and polity.

Portrait of Linda Zerilli

Linda Zerilli