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black and white collage of image of police and crowds

Global Authoritarianisms

June 23-24. This conference explores the new forms of authoritarianism emerging worldwide.

Global Crisis: Rethinking Economy and Society

cover of Political Epistemics by Andreas Glaeser

Political Epistemics: The Secret Police, the Opposition, and the End of East German Socialism

The Electorate

The Outlook for Democracy in Brazil

Conversations in Contemporary Theory

10 Years of Theory

History, Social Theory, and Capitalism

The ongoing global economic crisis poses a serious challenge to our understanding of large-scale social processes and, hence, of our own historical circumstances. History, Social Theory, and Capitalism seeks to interrogate the relation of social and economic inquiry to changes in the large-scale configurations of society, economy and polity.

New Global Authoritarianisms

This project facilitates ongoing conversations on the fate of liberal democracy, attending to the role that new authoritarianisms are playing in reversing the global trend towards inclusive and democratic forms of government.

Portrait of Andreas Glaeser

Andreas Glaeser