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large room with audience and panel of five speakers

Video: On University Values

clock mounted on a yellow cinder block wall covered with a protective grid

Call for Submissions: Future Café Post-X #5

purple-toned image of an arch with trees and a path beyond it

On University Values

Lisa Wedeen, Cathy Cohen, Christopher Wild, and Tom Ginsburg speaking in front of an audience.

Video: The Kalven Report and Freedom of Expression

Two overlapping images of the University of Chicago Law School building

The Kalven Report and Freedom of Expression

Robert Meister speaking at a lectern.

Video: Robert Meister on Opposing University Financialization

Aerial view of the University of Chicago

West Virginia Chicago Is Happening to You: The Fight for the Modern University

green monochrome image of a building exterior

Opposing University Financialization from the Inside: An Autoethnography

grid of alternating textured maroon and green rectangles

The Corporate University