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Writers and the Arab Uprisings, Controversial Approaches

Syria: An Oppressed Generation’s Revolution?

The Arab Uprisings: Politics and Ethics in the Present

Abounaddara in Chicago!

Creativity and Dissent in Present-Day Syria: From TV Series to Citizen-Generated Media

Art, Irony, and Popular Culture: The Role of a Village in the Syrian Revolution

Less than Three Minutes

Carbon Fuel and the Corporate Future

Business Networks in Syria: The Political Economy of Authoritarian Resilience

Race and Political Equality in the Digital Age

Networked Youth Movements and Neoliberalism

Exit Zero: A Sneak Peek

Generational Change

This module investigates the relationships among generation as an organizing principle for political action, the ongoing effects of contemporary market reforms, the persistence of class as an analytic category and a source of political identification, new ethical and political forms of comportment, and the relevance of consumption to understandings of selfhood.

portrait of Lisa Wedeen

Lisa Wedeen