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Aurora Figueroa, Tianna Paschel, and Suren Pillay

Black Citizenship in the Age of Global Authoritarianism

Thursday, April 11, 2019, 4:30-6:00pm

Neubauer Collegium

In the context of a globally resurgent right, this panel considers the contours of new authoritarianisms from the perspective of Brazil, Colombia, and South Africa. Panelists will consider the specific ways blackness and citizenship are being reconfigured in these contexts to highlight the distinctive trajectories of authoritarian politics in the global south. Moving beyond the bifurcation between authoritarian and democratic regime types, the panel will instead trace the contradictory processes of democratization that have created the conditions for the new right and highlight alternative conceptions of citizenship. Panelists include Tianna Paschel (UC-Berkeley), Aurora Figueroa (Universidad Icesi, Colombia), and Suren Pillay (University of Western Cape).