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De-Provincializing Marxism

Critical Historical Studies

Global Capitalism and the Crisis of Work

Work: Photographs by Bill Sewell

On “Behind Marx’s ‘Hidden Abode‘”

Legitimation Crisis?: On the Political Contradictions of Financialized Capitalism

The Capitalization of Nature, or, The Limits of Historical Nature

Capitalism and Social Theory: a Conference in Memory of Moishe Postone

Portrait of William H. Sewell, Jr.

William H. Sewell Jr.

The Concept of Capital and the Current State of Capitalism

Returning to Basics: Critique and Crisis

History, Social Theory, and Capitalism

The ongoing global economic crisis poses a serious challenge to our understanding of large-scale social processes and, hence, of our own historical circumstances. History, Social Theory, and Capitalism seeks to interrogate the relation of social and economic inquiry to changes in the large-scale configurations of society, economy and polity.