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June 17, 2020

Forum: Situating the Biology of Covid-19

screenshot of forum front page: Situating the Biology of Covid-19...

On The India Forum, 3CT co-director Kaushik Sunder Rajan moderates “Situating the Biology of Covid-19: A Conversation on Disease and Democracy,” which examines how Covid-19 has revealed relationships between disease, technocracy and governmental accountability, and argues for community-driven approaches rather than authoritarian interventions. The conversation features contributions from Thomas Cousins, Sabina Leonelli and Michelle Pentecost.

Sunder Rajan writes in his introduction:

“The Covid-19 pandemic is marked by the imperative to respond to a situation in the absence of full knowledge about the virus, the disease, or the public health or political consequences of different scientific interventions or policy responses. Any response can only be provisional, based on the best available knowledge and information at any given time, in relation to situations that are rapidly evolving. There is no possibility of a singular pronouncement about our contemporary condition. We wish thus to situate the biology of Covid-19 in a comparative perspective, in order to show how its epidemiological trajectories are being co-produced with political ones. Our challenge is to think of the possibilities of transnational epidemiological, political and civic solidarity from a position that understands the different ways in which this co-production happens in different places.”

Read the full piece at The India Forum.