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July 27, 2020

3CT Fellows in the News

3CT co-director Lisa Wedeen recently participated in a roundtable discussion marking 20 years since Bashar Al-Asad’s succession, video of which is now available to view.

On July 17 2000, Bashar Al-Asad became President, surviving his father Hafez Al-Asad who ruled Syria for thirty years. The young ophthalmologist had promised a new and modern future for Syria and Syrians. Two decades later, Syria lies in ruins. This is a conversation between several scholars on the transition, policies, institutions, uprising, and mayhem that characterized his rule, co-sponsored by Jadaliyya and Salon Syria.

View the event video at Jadaliyya.


3CT fellow Adom Getachew has written and contributed to a number of recently published articles: