Salvage: A Conference/Conversation/Caucus on Behalf of the Act and the Art of Salvage

Elka Krajewska  / presenter  -- Christine Mehring  / respondent

Michael Rakowitz / presenter -- Bill Brown / respondent

Richard Tuttle / presenter -- Monika Szewczyk / respondent

What happens when art is damaged or loses its aesthetic, financial and/or social value?  'Salvage art' is an insurance industry term used to describe artworks that have been officially declared devoid of value.  Denied access to the space of the gallery, museum or the market, many of these objects - even those still relatively intact - are consigned to a limbo of warehousing.  

Join our presenters and respondents as they consider the salvaging of devalued artworks.   If the act of salvaging can be considered an act of disobedience--an effort to disrupt the "laws" of obsolescence, disposability, and decay--then how does it help us to re-imagine our contemporary regimes of value? 

This event is free and open to the public.  If you need assistance to attend, please contact

Co-sponsored by 3CT's Object Cultures Project, the Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society, and the Open Practice Committee.