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Speculative Design is a cyborg practice that harkens back to past futurist movements, insisting on a moveable spectrum between art and radical social science. The term embraces diverse practitioners motivated to open up the imagination around “wicked problems” (Dunne and Raby 2013). Perhaps no problem seems quite so wicked in the contemporary moment as climate change and human dependency on petroleum. What would it mean to imagine a world without oil and its derivatives? What sort of leaps are both necessary and possible? What possibilities does a multi-generational perspective open up – a future beyond our own lifetimes Proposals are encouraged from any field of practice and study that engages with speculative design. Presentation of experimental work, prototypes, blueprints, and ongoing collaborations are welcome, as are social science and humanist studies of design and designers.

Instructions: Submit a one-paragraph abstract (plus images, if appropriate) and a one-page bio to: by March 15, 2019.

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