Co-Sponsored Conference: Gender | Publics | Panics In The Global South


Description: In what ways do conflicts over women’s visibility and mobility correspond to the reconfiguration of (in)equalities between men and women? What role does the circulation of women’s human rights discourses play in this process? How do these conflicts relate to ongoing changes in kin relations, regimes of love, and new forms of state regulation? And how does attending to new social panics reveal the shifting lines of contemporary citizenship and the way in which gender figures in these arrangements?  

Positing these questions, we seek to examine the ways women and men, in their everyday lives, negotiate both new forms of access to public spheres – be they economic, political, professional, or the arts – and the moral panics that access incites.


Sexuality and Backlash: Resurgent Security Regimes and Race/Gender Resistance in Contemporary Brazil and Egypt



8:30am – Coffee and Light Breakfast

9am – Opening Remarks | Jennifer Cole, University of Chicago

9:10 – Panel I | Urban Panics

Discussant: Tarini Bedi, University of Illinois at Chicago

Sexual Assault, Anti-Harassment Movements, and the State in Post-2011 Egypt: A Participant’s Response | Sofia Fenner, University of Chicago

Sex, Money, and Miniskirt Panic in Uganda | Erin Moore, University of Chicago

Exposed to the Public: The Morality of Women’s Work in Congo | Lesley Braun, University of Chicago

Behave Yourself! – The Cultural Politics of PDA in Bombay/Mumbai | Sneha Annavarapu, University of Chicago

11:00 – Coffee

11:15 – Panel II | NGO Technocracies

Discussant: Sonali Thakkar, University of Chicago

The Sense of Violence, The Feel of Statistics | Jay Sosa, University of Chicago

Is Gender to Kinship as Global is to Vernacular? Theorizing Women’s Rights Expertise in Indian Anti-Violence NGOs | Julia Kowalski, Williams College

An “Epidemic of Child Pregnancy?” Public Health, Indignity and the Girl Child in Guatemala | Camille Roussel, University of Chicago

Humanitarian Whip of the State: Anti-trafficking and the Violence of Rescue in India | Kimberley Walters, California State University Long Beach

Law in the Shadow of Women’s Rights: the “End Human Trafficking” Campaign through Egyptian Eyes | Ali Atef Abdelkader, University of Chicago

1:15 – Lunch

2:30 – Panel III | Gendered Citizenships

Discussant: Caroline Bledsoe, Northwestern

Multiple Maternities: Seeking Support in South Africa and the Performance of Motherhood | Brady G’sell, University of Michigan

Buddhist Monasticism and the Transformation of Gender in Thailand | Michael Chladek, University of Chicago

Reckoning with the Hypervisibility of the Saharawi Revolutionary in Her Struggle for National Liberation | Vivian Solana, University of Toronto

Anxieties about Equality: False Beating and Rape Accusations in Rural South Africa | Kathleen Rice, University of Toronto

4:15 – Coffee

4:30 – Closing | George Paul Meiu, Harvard



Paul Amar, Global and International Studies Program at the University of California, Santa Barbara

Sponsored by: Committee on African Studies | Center for International Studies | Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality | 3CT | France-Chicago Center | Franke Institute for the Humanities | Committee for Southern Asian Studies | Nicholson Center for British Studies | Center for Latin American Studies | Pozen Family Center for Human Rights | Center for the Study of Race Politics and Culture