Dialogue: Design Cosmologies // Keith Murphy and Taylor Lowe

  • Wilder House 5811 South Kenwood Avenue Chicago, IL, 60637 United States

Please join us for the second dialogue in 3CT's new student-run project, DeSigning Praxis which brings social theorists in disciplines like philosophy or anthropology into dialogue with practitioners of designed objects and spaces to address such questions as "How can we rethink the relation between theory and practice by interrogating the politics of design?"; "What can designers say to the claims of social theorists?" and "How can social theorists speak to contemporary design concepts and practices?" 

Keith Murphy, Design Anthropologist, author of Swedish Design Department of Anthropology, UCI

in conversation with

Taylor Lowe, Architectural Designer and PhD Student in Anthropology,
Instructor at the department of Architecture Interior Architecture and Designed Objects SAIC, PhD Student University of Chicago, Architectural Designer at AND, Bangkok